Governing Body

Details of its promoter Members of the trust

Name of the member

Designation in the society/trust

Shri.Satish Pandurang Desai


Shri. Pandurang Bapu Desai

Vice President

Dr.Vidya Shripati Patil


Sou. Anandi Pandurang Desai


Smt. Anandi Shripati Patil


Sou. Maya Rashikant Salokhe


Smt. Sunita Namdev Attigre


Mission of the promoting body

To bring a total transformation of the rural youth and create a ‘NEW Man’ who is well educated, self-reliant, economically sound, rich and morally upright.

Vision-of the promoting body

  1. Swavlambi Shikshan Hech Amache Brid.
  2. To implement skill India programme of prime minister

Objectives and scope of the proposed institution

Objectives of the institution

  • To uplift the technical education and research through various training programme to meet the demand of profession.
  • Enhance faculty capability in education and research.
  • To develop demand oriented curriculum to meet the industrial needs.
  • Collaborate with the industries to meet the global challenges.
  • To establish small scale industries.

To implement skill India programme.

Basic Academic Philosophy of the institution:

  • Culture and Academic Excellence :- We endeavor to achieve excellence in teaching and learning and create a culture that promotes service to the profession and society.
  • Commitment;- We are committed to progress education in innovative ways to enrich the society and protect the environment.
  • Innovation in pharmaceutical research and education to augment public health and well - being.
  • Collaboration with industry and research institutes for synergic growth.
  • Accountability:- We are accountable for what we do as individuals and as an organization.
  • Professionalism: We aim to create culture that infuses professionalism with ethical behavior of high standard.